UltraEx takes great pride in the reputation built over the years as a Safe, Reliable and Competitive carrier. The entire staff across Operations, Sales, and Dispatch is dedicated to providing superior customer service. UltraEx’s safety record in combination with a recognized high level of customer satisfaction is a reflection of the dedication and experience of UltraEx’s driver force. UltraEx strategically places equipment throughout its operating area to better serve it customers “Old and New”. To ensure that we deliver satisfaction UltraEx continually makes every effort to meet the changing needs of our customers.

How Can UltraEx Meet Your Needs?
•Broad Regional Areas of Operations
•Predictable, Dependable and Competitive Service
•Personalized Customer Care
•Diversified Customer Base
•Highly Trained and Experienced Driver Base.
•Knowledgeable and Experienced Dispatch Staff
•Willingness and Desire to Listen to Your Needs

UltraEx strives to be one of the safest carriers on the road and to have one of the premier safety programs in the industry. We are dedicated to the concept of incident free interaction with our customers as well as accident free miles on the highway. Our passion is the safe, secure, and damage free delivery.